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    @mz2, thank you for the prompt reply,

    I probably should have mentioned that I am using this citation style only in cases where I am citing a particular program that has an author citation that goes with it, definitely not for every citation. The suffix would be the abbreviation for the program (ABC), then the citation (Authors et al., 2009), and then the url where the program can be found (, so the final citation looks like so:

    (ABC; Authors et al., 2016;

    In the meantime, I will try your proposed use of a CSL formatting styles as a fix

    Thank you again for your reply

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    Hello Manuscripts Team,

    Recently purchased the Manuscripts app and I must admit that it has many helpful features for academic writing, and am looking forward to other much needed features being included down the road.

    One issue I am currently having is with editing in text citations. I am using Papers3 to add citations, and for a number of my citations, I need to add text both before and after the actual author and date section, to look something like so:

    blah blah blah (ABC; Authors et al., 2016;

    When I edit the citation and add prefix text, it shows up perfectly, however when I add the suffix portion of the text (the url portion), it does not show up, so the citation looks as follows:

    blah blah blah (ABC; Authors et al., 2016).

    Any help as for the reason and possible resolve for this issue would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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