• jhawkey

    @mz2 Thanks for that. I have upgraded to the most recent version, but am still having a similar issue. I am most familiar with the BMC Genomics citation style, so I'm not sure if this is happening to other citation styles or not.

    Anyway, the citation includes only the first author, and the name of the paper isn't bolded. It also includes the URL and ideally I'd like to exclude that (which I have set in my Papers preferences). I would also like to be able to unbold the in text citations so that when exporting the citations don't just jump out at you.

    I'm enjoying the app and finding it very useful, especially with the stability updates that have occurred more recently,

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  • jhawkey

    In the current version (0.9.35), I'm not getting proper formatting of my bibliography. For example, when telling Manuscripts to format as BMC Genomics (after also telling Papers to format this way as well), Manuscripts isn't bolding the title names of the papers as they should be for this format, neither is it listing the names of all authors. It is also including URLs even though I've asked Papers to not include URLs when creating bibliographies.

    I was also wondering if it was possible to unbold the in text citations?

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  • jhawkey

    Citation entry was working for me in version 0.9.27, but since updating to 0.9.30, I'm now getting the following error when using Magic Citations from Papers 3:

    The document “Introduction” could not be exported as “ED519AC7-D27E-487A-A9B1-D76C38CCEE2E-tmp-citations.txt”. You don’t have permission.

    When I go to view the permissions for the file however, it tells me that I have both read and write access. Pressing okay to get rid of this prompt, saving, and then attempting to insert the citation again is a temporary fix (the error appears as soon as you try and add a second citation).

    Running Manuscripts on OSX Yosemite 10.10.5.

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