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    I may not be getting it right, but I understand that if you want different level headings (section, subsection, subsubsection, etc.) to have different formats, you should just set the formatting preferences in the right pane. Sections that are promoted or demoted should change their formatting according to their new level.
    This is not working for me. If I move a section to another place and change its level, it keeps the original formatting.
    Hope it helps.
    All the best

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    Manuscripts looks quite promising and has a few very well thought elements. I miss quite a few, but that's normal in a 1.0 version. Nevertheless, there are enough glitches to consider this version a public beta rather than a final release.

    Some of these issues might be my own mistakes, but I'd like to mention a few:

    • In the New manuscript dialog box, I searched the word Policy. The search went well, but whenever I invoke the dialog again, the searched word is there, and there's no way to clear the search box. The x sign and typing in the box don't work.
    • Section titles don't appear in the outline (the Section heading placeholder is there and doesn't change).
    • The box beneath the "Section title is shown" checkbox is inaccessible. You may write in the next one, but not in the first smaller one.
    • Show/Hide Word and Character Counts doesn't work in newly created manuscripts (It does on the Get Started document).

    Good luck and good work

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