not sure if this is the right place to post it but the feedback option in the application seems to be bugged.

I have a portion of text containing chemical formulas with subscripts. Later, I needed to paste a sentence in the paragraph without replacing anything. After pasting, the subscripts got bugged. For example:

Original text (the numbers with the appropriate sub- or superscripts):

  • Fe(Ac)2 or Cu(Ac)2
  • 34.3 cm3
  • Fe(CH3COO)2 or 93.4 g of Cu(CH3COO)2

The text after pasting a sentence:

  • Fe(Ac)2222 or Cu(Ac)
  • 34.3 cm33
  • Fe(CH333COO) or 93.4 g of Cu(CHCOO)