See this screen recording (

When the text caret is in the new section, clicking on the plus sign allows one only to insert a new section before the current section. If I click away, and then click the same plus sign, I have the options instead to add a new section after, or to add a subsection, with no option to add a new section before the current one. This seems inconsistent.

More broadly speaking, I'm not sure about the decision to assign context menus to these little symbols rather than having them appear in a menu that appears upon right clicking the relevant item - it is not as discoverable, in my opinion, and I can never remember which option is supposed to be in the little circle menu, and which in the little-plus sign menu. For example, wouldn't it be easier to figure out how to show/hide a caption if one could just right-click on the caption itself and click show/hide, rather than having to click on an apparently unrelated symbol to bring up a menu with this option?