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    I have just started to use Manuscripts along with being a long time papers user. I have selected the Vancouver Superscript template and have Vancouver Superscript set within papers as my preferred citation style.

    On inserting a citation with magic citations, manuscripts correctly inserts a superscript number but adds a leading space that I need to delete after every insertion.

    Secondly, in the Bibliography, It correctly numbers the reference but adds the reference on a new line which I can't seem to adjust like this:

    Sheppard JP, Mellor RM, Greenfield S, Mant J, Quinn T, Sandler D, et al. The association between prehospital care and in-hospital treatment decisions in acute stroke: a cohort study. Emerg Med J. BMJ Publishing Group; 2015 Feb 1;32(2):93–997p.

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