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    Hi - Greetings from the humanities

    I'm looking for software that will help me plan and structure academic papers, allow me to shuffle paragraphs about more easily than in Word and play nicely with referencing software. Manuscripts sounds perfect - writing software for academics, designed by academics. However, I've hit a problem that might seem like nothing, but might increase your market:

    Is it possible to customise the background color that I'm typing against, particularly in the focus writing mode?

    I'm interested in this functionality because I have visual stress problems. These issues are common in people with dyslexia and dyspraxia, which covers a huge number of students and professional academics. Customising the background color can make a huge difference in accessibility. For me the issue is: 'can I use your app all day without reliably getting a headache so bad I have to lie down?' If the answer is 'no', that's kind of a deal breaker for me.

    I've had a good look around in the support forum and explored the app, but I can't find anything about changing these settings. I really want to love Manuscripts and I appreciate you are still in Beta. I get that one man's essential feature is another fellow's pointless bauble, but this really would make a huge difference.

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