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    Does this app link equations to the page numbers they're defined on, and to the parts of the text where the author might refer to an equation defined on previous (or latter) pages?

    I ask because I can't find a manuscript editor that keeps equation definitions in sync with the references in the text, or the list of equations that are sometimes added to end of manuscript (this applies to Tables and Figures too, where those also link to the Table of Contents). The biggest problems are:

    1. As the text expands equations, tables, and figures get pushed to different pages than they were originally defined on. This requires regenerating the Table of Contents and List of Figures and Tables (worse yet if Figure #'s and Table #'s change).

    2. Equation numbers often change, and any references to those equations in the text have to be updated to reflect the new Eq number.

    Doing this all by hand is a nightmare, to say the least. I'm surprised there's no app out there that links all of these references in a unique way behind the scenes, so that when page #'s, equation #'s, table & figure #'s, and references to those things in the text change, the app should handle updating all of the linked information to keep everything in sync so the user doesn't have to keep track of everything by hand.

    Does Manuscript do the linking and updating for you? Can it generate a List of Tables, Equations, and Figures? Can it generate ToC? Can it generate an keyword/topic/page index at the end (reference book style)? Does it keep all these things in sync as the document text evolves? Can you click on an equation # contained in the text of the paper and have the cursor jump directly to the equation especially if it's defined on a different page?

    Thank you.

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