Manuscripts works great together with the Bookends reference manager (requires Manuscripts 1.1.3 or later). You can cite with Bookends in the following ways:

  • Import your Bookends Library (File > Import > Bibliography Data… > Bookends Library) into a manuscript:
    1. Import your Bookends library using steps described here.
    2. Cite the references you imported using the integrated citation tool in Manuscripts.
  • Use Edit > Copy Citation in Bookends to Insert a citation into your manuscript:
    1. Place the text insertion cursor at the location where you wish to place a citation.
    2. Open and bring into focus Bookends (see step #3 below for a way to jump directly into Bookends).
    3. Choose Edit > Copy Citation.


  1. You can activate the Bookends bibliography search function directly from Manuscripts by going to Window > Open Bookends Bibliography Search (⌃⇧⌘B).