hi guys,

here is the problem: i'm using manuscripts and papers 3 and for some reason manuscripts produces other citations than papers would do. here's one example:

in papers the citation would look like this:

Fricke, E., 2007: Origo, Geste und Raum. Bd. 24, S. 1–416, Berlin [u.a.]: de Gruyter.

...and that would work for me. but manuscripts cites the same source as:

Fricke, E., 2007: Origo, Geste und Raum. 24: 1-416

in both apps, i've choosen the same citation format: Soziologie (German) (Springer Verlag). so the city is missing, some other small things are diffferent.

so, i have to fix it by hand, reference by reference which costs a lot of time (and a deadline).

even though, i like to work with the app. i'hoping you get the bugs fixed. to be honest - citing is too worst for productive working at the moment.